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Our Story

Enjoyed the world over, Rémy Martin is the epitome of refined French taste and lifestyle.

Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has produced premium spirits that consistently appeal to the world’s most discerning connoisseurs. Our cognacs are crafted exclusively with grapes from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growth areas in France, setting the ultimate standard for quality and craftsmanship.

Rémy Martin V eau-de-vie de vin is the first clear spirit crafted by Rémy Martin. Traditional distillation in copper pot stills locks in the characteristics of the Ugni Blanc grapes, from which it is made. On the rocks, it is vibrant and intricate.  Mixed, it is the soul of any great cocktail.

We carry a profound love of the land, a continuity of family ownership and a passionate commitment to excellence that sets us apart.

Our Roots

For the production of our cognacs, Rémy Martin uses grapes exclusively from the most sought after growth areas, Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne, in the heart of the Cognac region in France.

The Grand Champagne & Petite Champagne regions contain a unique type of chalk-flecked soil that not only absorbs and holds water, but also reflects light and ripens the grapes to perfection. From these grapes comes eaux-de-vie with a palette of unique flavors and properties that allow us to age our cognacs longer. Cognac made from grapes sourced exclusively from Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne (at least 50% from Grande Champagne) can legally be called Fine Champagne Cognac.

These subtleties that set the Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne growth areas apart are not only recognized by the growers, but are protected: the region is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, officially distinguished for its unique terroir.

In 1965, an alliance between winegrowers, distillers and The House of Rémy Martin began. It was the first official partnership between the Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne growth areas and Rémy Martin, eventually becoming the Alliance of Fine Champagne.

Rémy Martin V eau-de-vie de vin is born of legendary French vineyards and is distilled in the traditional manner to retain the characteristics of its Ugni Blanc grapes.

The Centaur

The icon of the House of Rémy Martin, the centaur, is the perfect balance of man and nature. So too are our timeless blends, and the balance of nature and human artistry that it takes to create them.

This iconic emblem of the House of Rémy Martin was chosen in 1870 by Paul Émile Rémy Martin and serves as an ambassador for the distinctive character of the brand. It embodies the values of a house built on courage, energy, generosity and audacity. With its feet on the ground as it aims for the stars, the centaur symbolizes our continual quest for excellence.

To drink Rémy Martin is to share in these qualities. Wherever you go today, the centaur is the signature of French luxury and perfection—a testament to the very passion poured into every bottle.

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Cellar Master Story

The Cellar Master of the House of Rémy Martin oversees the quality of production from harvest to bottle – a process that releases the natural taste of the grapes. The job of the Cellar Master is an immense responsibility, ensuring that every bottle of Rémy Martin retains the same quality and taste from year to year.

In 2014, Cellar Master Pierette Trichet was succeeded by Baptiste Loiseau. At 34, he joins the quartet that has forged the House of Rémy Martin’s reputation for the last century. The fifth in a trusted line, Baptiste Loiseau was officially inducted as Cellar Master on April 10, 2014 at a ceremony in Cognac.

Our Secret

Time and talent are needed to reveal the true heart of cognac.

Fine Champagne Cognac is a title given to cognac sourced from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, consisting of at least 50% Grand Champagne grapes. The eaux-de-vie from these regions have the greatest aging potential and are therefore treasured more.

The grape varieties used in the production of Rémy Martin are exclusively selected and include Ugni Blanc (97%) and Combard and Folle Blanche (3%).

These grapes are harvested in early October, then gently pressed to create juice. The resulting juice is left to ferment for 5-7 days, making an acidic, low-proof white wine that is perfect for distillation.

Visits & Receptions

The House of Rémy Martin welcomes all with a thirst for excellence.

Rendezvous with us in Cognac to share in the ritual of tasting, the terroir of this legendary region and the art of crafting a world-class cognac blend.

Whether you are a budding enthusiast or an experienced connoisseur, we invite you to enjoy exclusive access to our heritage and expertise.

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